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The Movie Bit is a dedicated site bringing Hollywood and elsewhere right onto whatever you're reading this on. With over 7,300 articles ...

The Movie Bit is a dedicated site bringing Hollywood and elsewhere right onto whatever you're reading this on. With over 7,300 articles (of Feb 2014) The Movie Bit is an incredibly large movie website. 

Consisting mainly of News, Reviews, Editorial, Exclusive Interviews and Podcasts we have a digestible style that is suitable for everybody. Hardcore movie geeks and occasional cinema goers will find themselves right at home here. 

As we fast approach our 1000th review, they are incredibly well trusted and respected by the movie community. We pride ourselves in giving honest opinions on the movies that are reviewed and we don't have push any editorial agenda for our critics. If one of the team decides that Paul Blart 15 is deserving of 5 Stars, then so be it. The Editorial team won't rewrite it or force a critic to change their opinion or star rating. So rest assured when you read a review on The Movie Bit, you're getting a completely honest review from that critic. We don't bend and conform like other publications. We'd much rather you think that a critic got a review wrong (and by all means argue with them in the comments) instead of thinking that the review conformed to studio or editorial pressure.

The site has been a multiple award nominee and finalist since its inception in June 2009.

Web Awards - 2014 Finalist - Best Daily Online Publication, Best Entertainment Site
                        2013 Semi Finalist - Best Entertainment Site
                        2012 Finalist - Best Podcast
                        2011 Nominated - Best Entertainment Site, Best Arts Site
                        2010 Nominated - Best Specialist

Blog Awards - Finalist 2014 - Best Podcast
                        Finalist 2012 - Best Podcast
                        Shortlist 2012 - Best Arts / Cutlure, Best Podcast, Best Popculture, Best Design
                        Finalist 2010 - Best Online Publication

The Movie Bit broadcasts a weekly podcast that is well in excess of over 200 episodes. With news, reviews and expert analysis along with plenty of mini features like our critically acclaimed screen actor quoting moves he hasn't starred in, it's a fast moving, humorous and entertaining 60 or so minutes. Ideal for the commute to work or just lounging around the house.

The Movie Bit has been quoted on numerous TV, billboard and print media adverts for various movies.
As well as being a news contributor to the IMDB,  The Movie Bit is read by thousands of people every day from all over the world. It is completely integrated with your social experience, where readers can tweet, Facebook and Reddit all without leaving the article they are viewing. Content is updated numerous times a day with news, trailers and reviews hitting the web, hot off our keyboards.

So thanks for dropping by and on behalf of myself and everybody at The Movie Bit, enjoy your stay.

Victor Barry


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