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James Gunn confirmed as director for Guardians Of The Galaxy

When James Gunn's name was thrown about as  possible director  of Guardians Of The Galaxy, Ma...

When James Gunn's name was thrown about as possible director of Guardians Of The Galaxy, Marvel Studio's exploration of the more cosmic (and lets admit, with a giant, sentient tree and talking racoon as team members, crazier) side of their cinematic universe, a lot of people where surprised, wondering how a movie from the man who brought us Slither and Super would fit in what has come before. Well, come 2014 we won't have to wonder any longer as he now been officially confirmed.

Issuing a statement on his Facebook page, the director confirmed his involvement with the project, also stating that he will rewriting the script from a draft by Nicole Periman and Chris McCoy. It is not known if he will be keeping the original premise, that of a human astronaut caught up with a gang of wanted alien fugitives in the far reaches of space, or starting fresh with his own take on the concept.

I do love the comic series this movie will be based on, and I think Gunn can do a very good job with it. He's even got the blessing of Joss Whedon, the 'godfather' of Marvel's cinematic output (a role given to him after the success of The Avengers). Speaking to MTV, Whedon said, "He has a very twisted take on it, but it all comes from a real love for the material".

Released: 1st August 2014

Source: Coming Soon


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