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Hit And Run Review

Hit And Run is pacey story full of  humour and good car chases. The film is written by and starrin...


Hit And Run is pacey story full of  humour and good car chases. The film is written by and starring Dax Sheppard as Charlie- a good guy with a shady past (who in a previous life was a getaway driver) living out his days in a small town in the witness protection programme. Charlie is living with his girlfriend Annie (Kristen Bell) and everything is going well. Charlie is assigned to a duty officer Randy, a bungling but well meaning marshall played by Tom Arnold who provides many of the laughs you’ll see here. One day Annie gets an interview of a lifetime for a dream job heading up her own teaching department in L.A.


Charlie risks his safety and jeopardises his witness protection identity to get her there to start a new life. Closely pursued by Annie’s besotted ex boyfriend Gill (Michael Rosenbaum) who tips off Alex (Cooper) about Charlie’s whereabouts, this triggers a series of events and numerous chases as Alex is set upon revenge against his former friend who put him away in jail. In turn Randy who is trying to do his duty and look after Charlie, finds himself embroiled in the chase and enlists the help of local law enforcer Terry played by Jess Rowland. The resulting series of hilarious chases, clever dialogue and plenty of visual gags bobs and weaves and leaves you very much entertained. The film boasts an impressive cast including Bradley Cooper as the villain of the piece, Beau Bridges, Tom Arnold, Jason Bateman and Sean Hayes. This is 100 minutes of pure joy, I really liked it.


The story line perhaps isn’t the most concrete I’ve ever seen but the film just seems to work. I didn’t have any expectations of this movie but found myself as well as others in the audience chuckling away with all the antics onscreen. Sometimes you just want to see a movie that is entertaining and not something you have to over analyse. Heck even Bradley Cooper sporting dreadlocks worked on some level, It’s nice just to watch a movie and enjoy it for what it is, on that front this picture delivered. Look out for Jason Bateman towards the end doing what he does best, slick humour expertly delivered.Great work all round, go see it.


3 Stars



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