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Hugh Jackman in talks for X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Hot on the heels of confirmation that Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen were reprising the roles of Charles Xavier and Magneto in Bryan Singer's sequel to X-Men: First Class, THR is reporting that Hugh Jackman is in talks to appear as Wolverine. Word is, his role will much more substantial than his cameo in First Class (probably the greatest cameo ever!), and if he accepts the part, he will be the only actor to star in all X-Men movies.

Days Of Future Past is an adaption of the classic comic storyline which sees a lone mutant sent back in time to prevent a dark future from happening. While the movie is a sequel to First Class, and will be predominantly set in the timeline of the first film, the actors of the original X-Men trilogy will reprise their roles in the future scenes. Jackman will reprise his most famous role in next years The Wolverine, which will be set after X-Men: The Last Stand. There is no word if The Wolverine will lead into X-Men: Days Of Future Past, but I really wouldn't be surprised if it did. Fox, current rights holders of the X-Men franchise, have made known their intentions to link their movies, Avengers-style, together, and this would be the perfect way to do it. Guess time will tell.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past is set for an 18th July 2014 release date.


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