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First look at The Hobbit: There And Back Again

The first in The Hobbit Trilogy, An Unexpected Journey, is released in cinemas in less than a week, but already Warner Bros. are getting the ball rolling on promoting the final film, There And Back Again (hitting the big screen July 18th 2014). Courtesy of EW, the image also give us our first look at the returning Orlando Bloom as elf Legolas, and of new character Bard The Bowman, played by Luke Evans.

Fans of JRR Tolkien's book will know that Legolas doesn't appear at all, making his first appearance in it's follow-up The Lord Of The Rings, but director peter Jackson explains his decision to include him:

He’s [elven king] Thranduil’s son, and Thranduil is one of the characters in The Hobbit, and because elves are immortal it makes sense Legolas would be part of the sequence in the Woodland Realm.

The second in the trilogy, The Desolation Of Smaug, is released December 13th 2013.


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