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Jay And Silent Bob's Groovy Cartoon Movie coming next year

From their debut way back in 1994 in Kevin Smith's Clerks, Jay and silent Bob (Jason Mewes and Smith himself) have achieved cult status, appearing in numerous movies and t.v. shows (including a memorable cameo in Scream 3), even getting their own film, Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back. Smith has put the characters on the back burner for a while, focusing on branching out to various different forms of media. But now these two are making their way back to the big screen, as announced on facebook, with their unique brand of profanity and weed fueled mayhem getting the animated treatment in Jay And Silent Bob's Groovy Cartoon Movie.

Directed by Steve Stark, the animator behind several animated shorts based on stories and routines from Smith and Mewe's various live appearances, and featuring the voices of Jon Lovitz, Eliza Dushku ,author and comic writer Neil Gaiman (playing, if a twitter conversation between Smith and Gaiman from earlier this year is to be believed, an English butler), with other surprise guests promised. Promotion of the film will be similar to Smith's last work, Red State, with the film maker touring with the movie before it receives a general release. Nothing much is known about the story at this stage, but we can expect a filthy and anarchic slice of comedy, the usual for these character. I, for one, can't wait.

Touring is expected expected to begin in April of 2013. More details will be dropped in the New Year on www.seesmod.com.


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