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Chris Cooper joins the cast of The Amazing Spider-Man 2

When the end credits rolled on The Amazing Spider-Man nearly every one's mind flashed to where the hell Norman Osborn, who as alter ego the Green Goblin (already portrayed by Willem DeFoe) is probably the most important Spider-Man villain ever, was. O.K., he was mentioned, and people speculated that the mysterious man, played by Michael Massee (best known as Funboy in The Crow), featured in the post credits scene was in fact Osborn. It turns out we were wrong, as Chris Cooper (who stole the show as Tex 'maniacal laugh' Richman in The Muppets) has just been announced to stepping into the no doubt expensive shoes of Norman Osborn for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. There is no word on whether Cooper will don the Green Goblin mask, but with Norman's son, Harry (played by Dane DeHaan), also making an appearance, there is no doubt their dangerous family legacy will be addressed.

via The Hollywood Reporter

Released: 18th May 2014 (U.K./IRL)/ 2nd May 2014 (U.S.)


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