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This Is The End Review

Another movie release and another apocalyptic scenario. Except this time is a bit of a different tak...

Another movie release and another apocalyptic scenario. Except this time is a bit of a different take on all things to do with fire, brimstone and the end of the world. Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Craig Robinson, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride and James Franco all play themselves as the apocalypse kicks in while a major house warming is taking place in Franco’s new house.

Such an awesome idea with a genuinely bunch of awesome, funny dudes. This could genuinely be the comedic event of the year. Tragically though, it falls short. The idea of actors playing themselves isn’t entirely new, but the idea on offer here is quite refreshing, especially considering the script just throws dig after dig at each of their movies and themselves. Everything from Green Hornet to James Franco’s sexuality is fair game and in these moments, the movie is untouchable. It’s in other moments though that This Is The End just gets a bit self indulgent and seems to be dragged out. 20 minutes could easily be shaved here, and while you’re never more than a few minutes away from a gag that works well, it does feel rather bloated in places.
The cast are immensely likeable and the amount of “cameos” on offer here, some larger in part than others is staggering. From Rihanna to Aziz Ansari and a 2 major surprises which are hilarious, celebrity stalkers will not be disappointed. And to their credit, all of them cast play themselves incredibly well, especially the main leads who really parody themselves brilliantly.

Visually, This Is The End really surprises. I won’t go into any detail for fear of the spoiler brigade losing their mind, but the visual effects and really, really good. Which is rather surprising for a movie like this. They could have been easily an after thought, but instead are front and centre and pretty convincing, and they will shock the more conservative members of the audience at least once. And speaking of shock, expect to jump out of your seat with one of the scares of the year.

There are genuinely fantastic and memorable moments in This Is The End, with many of them laugh out loud. From the visual effects to some hilarious dialogue between the cast (Franco and McBride especially) This Is The End is only let down by a bloated running time and things as mentioned get a bit self indulgent. In places it seems like they just thought something was a good idea at the time and ran with it.

Overall though, This Is The End does have some genuine hilarity and it’s a different take on the apocalypse.  Its shortcomings are just about forgiveable. it'll make you laugh seriously out loud and its definitely worth a watch!


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