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Guardians Of The Galaxy Comic Con Poster

Until the panels kick off, we won’t be seeing much footage of anything, but we’re getting plenty of ...

Deluxe Purge Anarchy Prize Pack USA READERS

We’ve been given a pretty awesome deluxe prize pack for The Purge: Anarchy. This competition is open...

Movie Hacks

No, not your favourite internet journalist hacks! The other ones that you hate!  Norton have just r...

Mad Max Fury Road EXCLUSIVE Comic-Con Poster and new stills

Our inboxes are about to explode from the amount of Comic-Con stuff coming through, and it’s ONLY We...

Meet The Film-Makers of Planes 2 In Dublin This Thursday

Heads up folks in Dublin. You can meet  the director and producer of Planes 2: Fire & Rescue thi...

The Hobbit Battle Of The Five Armies First Poster IS AWESOME

This must be one of the best posters of the year! Bard The Bowman and Smaug have a bit of a face off...

Expendables 3 Comic Con Posters

You may well get a headache from looking at the exclusive comic-con posters for Expendables 3. The e...

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