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A Tetris Movie Is Coming

We've had a movie based on Battleship. We've had a movie based on Lego. It was only a ma...

First Image From Matthew McConaughey's Sea Of Trees

After Matthew McConaughey goes to space for Christopher Nolan, Gus van Sant will be guiding him thro...

New Trailer For John Wick

Keanu Reeves' newest action flick looks like a hell of a lot of fun, and that is further reinfor...

New Clip From Gone Girl

David Fincher's Gone Girl hits our shores on Thursday, and to tide us over, a new clip has been ...

Trailer And Poster For Tak3n

Liam Neeson trots out the Bryan Mills character for the third time, and while the first trailer for ...

Get To Know Your Mafia Markings With This Handy The Equalizer Infographic

Denzel Washington's vigilante actioner The Equalizer (read our review here ) is currently making...

New Clip From The Babadook

A new clip from the critically lauded (as you can see from the below poster) horror movie The Babado...

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