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George Miller Reveals Mad Max Sequel!

If, like me, you were blown away by Mad Max; Fury Road (read our review right here ) and were disap...

First Pics From Warcraft Are Here!!

Duncan Jones is an exciting prospect right now. Having delivered a taut and magnificently acted debu...

Trailer For Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials Ups The Action!

The Maze Runner was something of a breath of fresh air when it comes to YA novels that have been ada...

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night Review

You know you’ve seen a good film when it gets under your skin and you’re still thinking about it da...

Tomorrowland Review

Amidst the cinematic sky of remakes, prequels, sequels, and franchises Tomorrowland comes zooming t...

Which Movie Gambler are you?

Over the years we've had some pretty epic big screen gamblers. With the likes of Danny Ocean and...

Go On A Jet Pack Ride With New Tomorrowland Clip

Jet Packs. Any vision of the future has to have jet packs. It’s a rule, probably, and one that To...

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