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First image from Ryan Gosling's directorial debut, Lost River

Once called How to Catch a Monster, Ryan Gosling debut behind the camera has received a name change ...

New trailer for The Rover

Coming from Animal Kingdom director David Michod, The Rover images a future where the world has beco...

Real life Web Shooter

Now this is pretty damn cool. Youtube user AnselmoFanZero has created a real life web shooter, usin...

Will Sliney Interview The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man 2099

Earlier today I caught up with Marvel artist and life long Spider-Man fan, Will Sliney . In this exc...

Teaser poster for Denzel Washington's The Equalizer

Based on the 80's t.v. show of the same name, The Equalizer sees Denzel Washington teaming up ag...

The third Hobbit movie getting a name change?

With the finale of Peter Jackson's The Hobbit trilogy coming to us in December, there are ru...

Robin Williams signs on for Mrs. Doubtfire 2

It's  been 21 years since Robin Williams donned a latex mask and a wig to play Scottish nanny...

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