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Brown Bag Films eat 42 pizzas every MONTH - UPDATED

UPDATE – The folks at Brown Bag Films have being onto us to highlight the fact that they don’t eat 4...

Captain America and the GAA team up

No, they haven’t signed up with the Avengers, but the GAA have teamed up with Captain America: The W...

Edge Of Tomorrow New Stills

If I had a hedge to bet (thats the saying..right?) then I’d put it on Edge Of Tomorrow. With just ov...

Smokey And The Bandit Rebooted on this weeks podcast (#34)

This weeks podcast is as per usual full to the brim. On the Ultimate Reboot, Recast we take on Smoke...

Paul Walker's brothers enlisted to help finish Fast & Furious 7

The shocking death of Paul Walker last November took just about everybody by surprise, least of a...

Behind the scenes look at Guardians of the Galaxy

Airing during last nights episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Marvel have released a new behind the s...

Pixar Easter Eggs Video MUST WATCH

In a promotional video for Disney Movies Anywhere, Pixar have released a short video with a selectio...

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