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Star Trek Into Darkness secret revealed?

Ever since the closing credits started to roll on JJ Abrams' Star Trek, fans mind's immediately went to the idea of a sequel, and who would be the bad guy. And one name appeared more than others: Khan Noonien Singh, played to perfection by Ricardo Montalban in The Original Series episode Space Seed and Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan. He's pretty much the definitive villain of the long running franchise, and was one of two big bad's rumoured for Star Trek Into Darkness, the other being Gary Mitchell, who appeared in one of the earlier Star Trek episodes. The entire team behind the movie led us on a merry dance, more than likely on Abrams orders (we all know how he likes to keep audiences guessing) feeding us information and counter information on which of the two Benedict Cumberbatch would be playing. Even when his character name, John Harrison, was announced, the Khan connection persisted, with a character sharing that name appearing in Space Seed. People were not willing to let Khan go.

Now, it seems they were right not to. In a solicitation for their upcoming issue, featuring Cumberbatch and Pine on the cover, Entertainment Weekly may have let the cat out of the bag, proclaiming proudly beside a picture of the cover "Voyage Into The New Star Trek Kirk & Khan". So, is this accidental confirmation that the big bad is Khan, undoing months of (admittedly unconvincing) claims to the contrary?


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