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Luke Evans talks The Crow remake

I've made known my reservations about The Crow remake before, I won't bore you with a long spiel again. Short version: the original was a classic, holds deep meaning for me personally, and shouldn't be touched. One thing that does soften my opinions about it is that it is said to be much closer to the source material, and not just a re-hash of the original (the comic's creator James O'Barr has signed on as consultant), meaning the more supernatural concepts of the comic, such as the Skull Cowboy (a guide to lead character Eric Draven, who had scenes shot for the original which were ultimately cut), made make an appearance. Red Carpet News TV caught up with Luke Evans, who will be stepping in to lead role made famous by Brandon Lee, who had a few things to say about the direction of the movie, and how it plans to do something new but still remain loyal and respectful to the cult following of the original movie.

Directed by F. Javier Guttierrez, The Crow has no release date as of yet.


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